Target, sleeper, avoid

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Let’s play some Target, Sleeper, and Avoid. It’s pretty much Buy/Sell but for draft season!⠀

TARGET – I went with 4th rounders for today’s edition and just going through the round, its stacked with receivers. Robert Woods, Calvin Ridley, DJ Moore, and AJ Brown are all elite receivers that I would be happy with as my WR2, and alright with them as a WR1 if my RBs are on the higher end.⠀

SLEEPER – All of these guys are ones that I want in drafts, but I’m not going to reach for them. Singletary, Mostert, and Montgomery are all solid RB2s who should have a steady workload game in and game out, although there is risk involved in each. Singletary and Mostert both have competition for touches, although both are the current lead backs. Montgomery could be stuck in a terrible offense for another year, but that is somewhat of a lower risk bet.⠀

AVOID – Mark Ingram was right on the edge of avoid and sleeper but what pushed him over was the better value at receiver surrounding him. I’d give him about 8-10 weeks as the lead back, although the Ravens have an early bye at week 8. I think there is a solid chance that Mack could outscore Taylor, even though I think Taylor is a super talented running back.

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