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There’s a bunch of strategies going into fantasy drafts this season, here’s 2 that I find the best/most interesting for you to use!⠀

ZERO RB – This is one that seems pretty crazy at first thought but there’s some solid logic behind it that make it work. First off, the strategy works best in a PPR league because your mainly targeting pass catching backs. The strategy really isn’t 0 RBs the whole time, but more like 0 RBs in the first 5 rounds. The idea is that any running back can step into a starting role and perform, where if a starting receiver goes down, a backup receiver won’t match the starters production. After stacking your lineup with receivers and a tight end, you look for high upside value backs in the late rounds. Really you should still draft a running back in the first, but if you want to go true 0 RB, stay away from that. Its a high risk-high reward type strategy that will backfire if you miss on the right value running back.⠀

RB+RB+WR – If you want to stay a lot more conservative then 0 RB, taking two elite running backs is definitely a tried and true method that gives your team strong running backs, while also giving you an average-below average WR1. I only suggest this if your pick lies somewhere in between 1-10 for 12 team league, if your in that 11/12 spot, I’d recommend you go a different route. Following this strategy, you could realistically grab Dalvin, Ekeler, and OBJ from the 6th spot giving your team an elite backbone that you can build around.


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