QB-WR Stacks

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Stacks are one of the greatest parts of assembling a fantasy football team, and really make the game more fun, but are they even worth it?⠀

ARE THEY WORTH IT – I’d say most times they’re worth it. If you look at last year, getting Tyreek Hill and Mahomes on one team would have been pretty valuable, but not great due to injuries. On the other hand, if you struck gold with a Dak-Amari duo or a Godwin-Jameis duo, you probably had a pretty good season. I’m all in on QB-WR stacks.⠀

PROJECTIONS – I’m most interested in the Dhop Kyler duo out of all of these. Thats one that will cost a bit of draft capital but has a ton of upside. Obviously, if you get lucky enough to pair Tyreek and Mahomes together, the upside is limitless. I’d even call Mahomes and Kelce a better duo because of the slightly less draft capital you need to pair them together.⠀


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