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tier 1————————————————————————————

Here’s the greatest tier. These guys are the best of the best, the true league-winners. They may cost you a high draft pick but there’s a really high chance they are worth the price.

PATRICK MAHOMES – Mahomes is an incredibly talented QB, and I’m pretty confident in calling him the best QB in the league. His passing ability combined with Andy Reid’s offense makes him an elite fantasy asset, but he won’t come cheap. Right now, he’s being drafted as the 2nd quarterback, but still mid-2nd round. I think, barring an extension, this year is Mahomes best chance to win a second ring. Mahomes is going to get a ton of money, and unfortunately that will take salary room away from his teammates. ⠀

LAMAR JACKSON – Lamar blew up the league last year and his rushing ability makes him a fantasy cheat code. He has an infinitely high ceiling, and a solid floor, with injuries being the only reason for that. I believe that Jackson will improve as a passer yet again, and will probably not rely on rushing as heavily as he did last year. There’s a decent chance that teams have figured out the Ravens offense, but I trust that John Harbaugh will improvise around that. He is also a very costly pick, but one that might be worth it. ⠀

RUSSELL WILSON – Russ is one of my favorite QBs in the league, and he has been an incredible fantasy QB even with his team being relatively rush heavy. I hope that the Seahawks go just a little bit heavier on the run, and if they do, Russ might just be the best QB of them all. His ADP is in the 6th right now, but I’d still call it value if you snag him in the 4th. 

tier 2 ————————————————————————————

This is really the first tier you should look at when drafting.

YOUNG PASSERS – Danny Dimes and Kyler Murray are both going to have a huge chance to take off this year, even with Kyler being really impressive last year. Jones did not play a single game last year with his full set of starting skill positions, and Murray just added Dhop to his offense. That Giants offense looks scary and I’m a big believer in the Air Raid offense leading me to say both of these guys are high-upside picks, although Kyler’s ADP is way higher then Daniel Jones’. ⠀

NEW SURROUNDINGS – Everyone’s obviously talking about TB12, but I like Teddy Bridgewater’s new team a lot as well. I like this Panthers offense a lot, and considering they added Robby Anderson, there’s potential for a big season from Bridgewater. The dual threat also helps. Brady’s still a good QB on a team loaded with offensive weapons, that also improved on their defense. Brady has a relatively safe floor, and solid upside, but there are certainly flashier picks. 

tier 3 ————————————————————————————

Let’s keep it with my next tier of QB’s, the just alright quarterbacks. These guys can win games, but need a really good supporting cast around them to do so.

FITZPATRICK AND RIVERS – These two are both on teams looking for a rebound season, but one is in a very different situation. Rivers by the end of last season seemed like he had run out of gas, but a long offseason and a new team should help him this year. I’m not entirely sure how well he’ll do but the Colts offensive line gives Rivers the best chance to succeed. Fitzpatrick is pretty much a stopgap until Tua can step in under center. The Dolphins don’t have a bye until week 11, but there’s a chance Tua can get in the starting lineup beforehand. Rivers is in win now mode, while Fitzpatrick is waiting until the rookie can step in.⠀

THE REST – The rest of these guys are either rookies or young QBs looking to take the next step. This list is only for week 1 starters so that’s why Herbert is missing. Carr is the most experienced out of the bunch, but I like Lock’s upside way better. Goff took a step back last year, but still throws the ball a ton and that should continue. Darnold should improve, but I’m still scared of Gase’s effect on him. Until Gase is out of there, I’m staying away from Darnold. I’ve talked about Lock before, so scroll down a bit to find out about him. Haskins will hopefully get better this year. 

tier 4 ————————————————————————————

QB is the most important position on the field, But unfortunately some teams aren’t looking so good at that spot. ⠀

TRUBISKY – I gotta say I was a fan of Trubisky when he was coming into the league, but he’s fallen far since that point. He really hasn’t been THAT bad, but is definitely among the league’s worst. I’m not entirely sure that Foles will take over the Bears offense, but if there is a full training camp, Foles will have a great chance. ⠀

THE REST – Minshew and Stidham are really just in a terrible situation for their development, but Minshew is more likely to take the next jump this season then Stidham is. I wouldn’t want either of them on my fantasy team for this season. Tyrod Taylor was pretty good in his Bills days, but for the second time in his career, he is about to lose his job to a rookie QB. Tyrod might be able to keep up a great offense, but Herbert will be starting by some point this season, making Tyrod another fantasy asset I would stay away from.⠀


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