Ekeler will be the rb1

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I talked about Ekeler pretty recently but a few people wanted more. So here you go:⠀

PATH TO THE BEST – Ekeler was the 2nd best receiving back in football last year, and he’s only second because CMC had an incredible year. For Ekeler to improve, he will need to focus more on the rushing attack part of his game, because his targets are likely to decline. I could see a world where Ekeler is a workhorse running back, and if people continue to write him off, you could snag him at a discounted price. Sure, did the Chargers draft a running back? Yeah they did, but I see Kelley and Jackson as backup running backs, and maybe one of them become the change-of-pace back. ⠀

THE EKELER SITUATION – Many people are calling for Ekeler to regress mainly because Rivers isn’t leading this team anymore. While I do understand the concern, I feel the best way for this team to establish the run early and often and have their elite defense win for them. Ekeler is as elite a receiving back as they come and whether its Tyrod or Herbert at QB I think Ekeler should produce.⠀


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